The crystal is a material composed of different ingredients:


-The lead oxide

- Potash

-The groisil (recycled crystal).

This mixture is adjoining the melting temperature, 1450 degrees. To be blown and worked hot in wooden or steel molds according to the production quantities.

Today we use wooden molds for exceptional pieces in limited series such as the entire Windsor range.


Example of a piece made in a wooden mold:  Windsor Prestige Cup

Above example of a wooden mold used to make pieces for the Dalai Lama. 

Once the hot work is finished, all the cold work begins: crystal size with diamond grindstones to create a decor and reliefs.

There are several steps in the cold work cycle:

- the rough for the decoration
- the size to finalize the decoration
- polishing to give final and ultimate shine to the workpiece

Below are pictures of Valery Klein during various stages of manufacturing.

Polishing with a cork grinding wheel with pumice stone.

For certain pieces inlaid with gold. This is the final stage where we will decorate the piece with 24 carat gold and then anneal it to make it an unalterable inlay.

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