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Artisan du Cristal KLEIN

Roemer Diamond Service 6 Assorted Colors: 6 Wine Glasses (22cl) Maison Klein 54120 Baccarat France

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    - To make your table as sublime as possible, opt for this beautiful satin-lined box of 6 crystal wine and water glasses.

    - The advantage of the crystal as well as their flared shape allows a good decantation and a complete diffusion of the wine aromas. The water stays fresh longer.

    • 6 Assorted colors Cobalt Blue, Ruby Red, Orange, Amethyst Violet, Anise Green, Amber Yellow.

    - Height : 19 cm

    - Width : 9,5 cm

    - The crystal is as solid as glass. The colored crystal is called "doubled crystal", it is entirely handmade to allow a magical sparkle and finishes unavoidable in the art of the table.

    - Our glasses are made in France. Klein l'Artisan du Cristal has been making glasses since the 18th century. World famous, the Roemer service is a reference for lovers of refined dinners. Klein 54120 Baccarat France (registered trademark)

    - Thanks to our state-of-the-art logistics with a "no breakage" guarantee, we are able to ship safely throughout the world and in a timeframe that is much appreciated by our customers. Our products are systematically delivered with a gift wrapping, a bag and a thank you gift. For any additional information, before and after the sale, our team is easily accessible by e-mail.

    A little history:

    If you are a tableware lover, you know that these glasses are known all over the world.

    They are the famous Roemer: Rhine wine glasses. The first ones were made by Karl Fabergé for Tsar Nicolas II for the Alsace wines where there are 6 main grape varieties, each color represents a grape variety. That is why you will always find them in 6 colors.

    These doubled crystal glasses, entirely handmade, are made of white crystal, then covered with a layer of colored crystal. The primary layer of transparent crystal is found when cutting them, to enhance the contrast between the deep colors and the magical sparkle of the crystal. It is important to know that when crystal is cut, it becomes matte and then goes through different stages of polishing to become brilliant again.

    Crystal is a man-made material; not to be confused with rock crystal which is extracted from the ground. The clear and transparent crystal is thus obtained by fusion at high temperature (1450°C) during 36 hours of a mixture:

    - 3 parts SILICE (very fine sand)

    - 2 parts of LEAD OXIDE (crystal appellation, increases the brightness)

    - 1 part of POTASSE and some chemicals that help the fusion.

    For the colored crystal, metal oxides and metals are added to this composition at the time of fusion:

    - Blue = Cobalt oxide

    - Yellow = Iron oxide

    - Red = Gold

    Glass in the unit, choose in the tab: 59€ piece specify the color in comment of your order or by email

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