Our expertise

After a professional career with the best French and foreign crystal workers, Valery Klein obtained his companion's certificate in 1980 and created the artisan of crystal.

He created the Artisan of the Crystal in the commune of Baccarat to perpetuate the tradition of the work of this noble and fascinating matter.

Below are photos of the craftsman of the crystal.

To begin, here are the steps of making a crystal piece:

- Pickling and blowing.

- Laying and shaping the leg and then the foot.

- To finish a photo on the size of the crystal piece and polishing.

All photos are taken in our workshops.

Collecting the molten crystal in the oven. 

Blowing and shaping of the workpiece on the work table. 


Size of the crystal with a diamond grinder. 

Below is a video of the setting up of the Signature decor and the size with a diamond grinder.

Here is an example of the composition of the crystal and the different manufacturing steps: