The artisan of the Crystal since two generations: sharing the passion of crystal and love of work well done for a unique know-how.

From an early age, Valery Klein fascinated for the crystal through the activity of his father who was also in the crystal. Naturally at the age of 14 he turned to learning the work of this noble material.

After a professional career with the best French and foreign crystal workers, Valery Klein obtained his Companion's Certificate in 1980 and created the Crystal Craftsman.

He created the Artisan of the Crystal in the commune of Baccarat to perpetuate the tradition of the work of this noble and fascinating matter.

In 1994 Valery Klein deposited at INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) its brand: Klein 54120 Baccarat France. 

Below is the INPI certificate of our brand.

Certificat INPI

Certificat INPI

Valery Klein has been established since 1997 in Vallauris, artistic and artistic city par excellence. 

Artistic creations, rare objects and masterpieces all realized with a concern for ultimate perfection come together in this studio gallery on an exhibition surface of more than 200 m2, constituting a range and a unique choice.

Here is a video for you to better understand Valery Klein's background and know-how.

Article from the Eastern Republican, dating from the beginnings of Valery Klein, on a creation of a vase more than one meter, realized in three parts. (On the picture of the article: the size of the foot of the vase). 

Nice Morning report on services in Champagne sans pied. Forming cups a bouquet of flowers once rested in their base.