Since the age of 16 I have always been very proud to work in crafts. This incredible and precise know-how that I have endeavored to defend all my life.

I started very young with my father. It is he who has transmitted to me this passion for beautiful things. A passion for work well done. A rare thing I am proud to pass on to my children.

When I started in crystal at the age of 16, tradition meant that we had a full glass service for great occasions. Over the years, consumption and life patterns have changed dramatically, evolving towards a demand for objects that are much more functional and usable on a daily basis.

In the 90's, there was a multitude of shops selling tableware and gifts in all the cities of France. And over time these shops have tended to disappear. I can not say I regret these years, because quite simply things are different. The search for a rare product and used only for certain occasions is less frequent, but on the contrary, the products that are easily consumable and usable every day sell very well.

We had to adapt to this new form of consumption. That's why I do my best to offer products that are very accessible to all. 

The funny thing is that people are surprised at the price of certain things that are sold. If it were more expensive they would not buy it, but they still wonder. It is in the face of this paradox that I seek the best balance so that my company continues to develop and especially that I can continue to transmit my knowledge and my passion: the Crystal.

On the side of rare and exceptional products the advantage is that even if they are not accessible to all, they help to make shine in the eyes of the visitors the emotion and the desire to possess beautiful things. What drives me even more to want to perpetuate know-how. I am now one of the only ones to make spectacular pieces that are more than 80 kilos. This is perhaps a risk because they are very expensive parts that are part of the less profitable works to manufacture, but they contribute greatly to the satisfaction of the work well done and to demonstrate a know-how that will be found only in La France.

Finally I am happy to do this job and to pass on it and I hope that the know-how of the French crystal craft will live as long as possible and that we will know how to make it known and share it all over the world because we can be proud. It is a unique and precious thing.

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