You are probably curious to know where all these ideas for Christmas decorations come from.

Christmas decorations have evolved over the years.

That's right!

You've been making all those Christmas decorations for years, but deep down you may not know where they came from.

Where does the Christmas tree, the Christmas balls... come from?

In this article I will explain their history and their evolution in time

Well, the history is good, but I imagine that you want to make a Christmas table that impresses your guests.

Be careful, when you set up a table there are codes.

That's why I'm going to give you some ideas and simple tricks to make sure your table and decorations live up to your expectations.

Several elements are to be registered on your list of decoration, candles, vases, Christmas balls, garlands of lights.

Finally, discover the 3 steps that will help you understand the origins of our Christmas decorations and give you ideas for a table adorned for the holidays!

Go all out when decorating your festive table for a sublime interior on Christmas Eve.

Let's start with the basics: history.

1/ Where do the decorations come from?

The Christmas tree as we know it today is probably the result of a mixture of pagan heritage and Christian mysteries.

But it was not until the 19th century that the tradition, in its current form, really crossed the borders of the Germanic world and spread throughout Europe, particularly through the aristocracy.

In France, it was the Duchess of Orleans and daughter-in-law of King Louis-Philippe, Hélène de Mecklembourg-Schwerin, of German origin, who introduced the Christmas tree to the French court in 1837.

It was the Alsatians who emigrated to France after the war of 1870 and really spread the use of Christmas trees in French homes.

In England, it was Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg Gotha, also born in Germany, who imported the tradition in the 1840s.

Newspaper illustrations from the time show the royal family in front of a richly decorated Christmas tree. In particular, there are many candles. Inherited from the solstice lights, they have now been replaced by our garlands of lights.

As for the Christmas baubles, they were first red, recalling the forbidden fruits of the tree in the Garden of Eden.

2/ Christmas ornaments.

Crystal Christmas ornaments,

This is the first essential accessory that brings you the magic of Christmas. Every year, Christmas decoration is synonymous with sharing, family, conviviality and especially pleasure.

The pure tradition of Christmas wants our house to be decorated.

Did you know that the ancestor of the Christmas bauble appeared in the 19th century: a decorative blown glass bauble, called Kugel, usually used to "spot evil spirits", was refined and joined the other decorations usually hung on trees in the 1830s.

However at the time many Christmas decorations were designed with fruits or vegetables, such as apples for example.

It is rather original, but simple to make.

However, in 1858, a great drought deprived the Northern Vosges and the Moselle of apples and fruit in general, depriving the Christmas trees of these decorations.

A glass artisan from Meisenthal in Moselle, will in turn manufacture glass balls.

This is how the first hand-blown crystal Christmas ornaments appeared in France

At L'Artisan du Cristal we offer you crystal Christmas ornaments that we make in our workshops, as well as a wide range of articles for a chic and traditional decoration.

Here are some pictures of our Christmas ornaments that we make in our workshop.

3/ The Christmas table.

I'm not going to give you another lecture on how to set a table. I do not want to repeat myself.

To do this I let you discover my article: "The art of setting a beautiful table: the complete guide in 5 steps".

You'll find everything you need to know about setting a table.

This year, the festive table is not afraid to do too much.

On a traditional white tablecloth, candles, runners and placemats are piled up for a typically festive table.

In general, the Christmas table is prepared in family, with the children. We get to work and make our own decorative elements to decorate the festive meal.

What is the table decoration trend of 2017?

Glitter to be sprinkled all along the table.

They catch the light and immediately transform a too ordinary decoration.

But where can you find inexpensive decorating items?

2 good news.

- The first: if you want to make your own Christmas decoration from scratch, without spending 1€, it is possible.

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It's up to you to make your guests dream.

Now you know everything about Christmas decorations. You can share it with your friends and family.

It's so nice to make beautiful tables and Christmas decorations.

But never forget: the simplest is the most beautiful.

Sometimes you want to make a fuss, but there's no point.

Make the most of it.

At last you have all the cards in your hand.

It's up to you.

Don't hesitate to send us a small photo of your beautiful Christmas decorations. We can share it after this article as an example to follow.

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