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Artisan du Cristal Klein

Crystal Amber and Steel Bar : Manhattan New Edition

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Bar in amber crystal and steel.

In a limited numbered edition that can be personalised at will.

A fully customizable range.

The manufacture of this bar requires 6 weeks.

It is possible on order to choose the color of your choice for the steel.

Through the sculpted crystal plates we find all the elegance and majesty of crystal.

A unique refinement highlighted by a led lighting.

A mix of matt black steel and amber crystal. A piece that is both modern and classic.

An ideal bar for your interior, which will adapt very easily.

Dimensions (without the tray):

Height: 102 cm, width: 42 cm, length: 140 cm, weight: 45 kg.

The size and shape of the tray will be defined according to your wishes.

The piece is signed: Edition Cristal Klein 54120 Baccarat.

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Fabriqué en France