I know this is an unusual name

If you are a connoisseur of tableware, you know that these glasses are very well known all over the world.

You do not know them? 

So I will explain their origins and their history.

These are hand-colored crystal glasses of color. 

The famous Roemer, which means: wineglasses of the Rhine. These glasses are always trimmed with 6 assorted colors, as the first examples were Alsace wine glasses representing 6 grape varieties.

Each color being supposed to represent one. 

Then I learned something. 

I know it's quite original as a story. 

That's why you will always find them in 6 assorted colors. 

They are made of white crystal and then covered with a layer of color. It is in the trimmers that one finds the primary layer of transparent crystal, to sublimate the contrast between the deep colors and the magic flicker of the crystal. 

For more information on making crystal see our article: Crystal Making: Issue 1. 

If you look for something to make your table irresistible you find the key. 

These glasses are ideal for decorating your most refined tables.

Now that you are a Roemer pro, you can tell this story to your guests.

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