We understand that sometimes our customers may be a little reluctant about shipments of Crystal products.

In more than 30 years of experience we had no break.

This is why we wanted to expose you through photos the realization of different expeditions:

- Standard shipping.

- Shipment on pallet.

You will see that we attach great importance to protecting the shipped products. We put our 30 years of experience to guarantee the best service possible.

We deliver free within a perimeter of 15 km around our shop which is located in Vallauris: 06220 Vallauris. 

Our shipments are secured throughout France and we ship abroad.

Below pictures of the realization of the shipping of a package standard for France:

Case made of triple-groove cardboard and chips made of polystyrene. 

Closing the package with adhesive tape. 

We add extra protection: a stretch film around the package. 

Here is the finished package ready to be shipped. More photos of completing an expedition on Palette for Canada:

Calibration of products with cardstock and foams.

Laying a stretch film around the pallet.


Holding straps are installed in both directions, so that the package is fixed directly on the pallet.

Here is the finished pallet, ready to be removed by the carrier. 

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