Press Releases

Here are the different press publications of l'Artisan du Cristal.

Article of the economic newspaper La Tribune, on the development of our crystal factory. (Published on 02/05/2018)

Read the article on the website of La Tribune: CLICK HERE to read the article.

Article from Nice Matin about our furniture, the new technologies we use and our development on the internet (30/04/2018).

Parution Nice Matin

Article about Antoine Jourdan, the designer we collaborate with on our Contemporary Furniture range. Article published in the magazine of the city of Cannes: Cannes Soleil. (February 2018)

Publication on ITnumeric: le Magazine du Numérique (23/12/2017).

Article on the range of contemporary furniture that we develop in collaboration with the designer Antoine Jourdan.

Publication in the Nice Matin.

Publication in the Nice matin on our collaboration with the ceramist Jean-Marie Baudet named Brahma.

Article in the Est Républicain, dating from the early days of Valery Klein, on a creation of a vase of more than one meter, made in three parts.

(On the picture of the article: the size of the foot of the vase).

Nice Matin report on Champagne services without foot. Cups forming a bouquet of flowers once rested in their base.