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News — Commande spéciale

Special order for a 40 meters Yacht.

Valéry Klein Boîte à cotons Boîte à mouchoirs Commande spéciale plateau Pompe à savon liquide Porte savon Salle de bain Yacht

Special order for a 40 meters Yacht.

Here is a special order we made for the interior of a yacht. The main request of our customer was to create a line of accessories for the bathing alleys: -liquid soap pump. -Tissue box. -Cotton box. -Wastebasket. Each accessory was handmade and set on 24 ct gold plated metal. Twelve weeks were necessary to finalize this special order. You will find below pictures of all these pieces. In addition a Windsor vase 60 cm, Windsor bowl on foot 30 cm and a set of matching glasses to the Windsor range. Finally, we can create all types of crystal objects...

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